Friday, October 30, 2015

We Are Brave!

For Halloween, I wanted to incorporate some technology.  Here's a fun story we told in our class!

Students brainstormed things they are "not" afraid of, and then their photo was taken in front of the green screen, showing their bravest, toughest face. The photos turned out great, and I have assembled them all into this little video for you.  I also decided to print the photos to make a class book for the students to read in the room.  Enjoy!

This took some prep ahead of time - after students brainstormed, I used my prep time to look for online images of their items (Frankenstein, witch, clown, etc) - no blood and school-appropriate, of course!  I saved them to my Google Drive, then opened each image in the "Do Ink" app from there.

Then I saved the Do Ink photos to the Google Drive, too, and used a simple photo editor to type the text on each child's image.

Finally, I loaded the images to Animoto, chose a song, and watched it all come together!  Animoto has free educator accounts, so the length of video is much longer than the 30 second freebie!