Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Little Bird Tales

In January, I teamed up with my Innovation Specialist to use "Little Bird Tales" to create a class book about winter.

With Little Bird Tales you can capture a child's voice and imagination with a creative story building tool, and share them with friends and family.
  • Encourages creativity and self expression
  • Helps reinforce reading and writing skills
  • A GREEN alternative to books
  • NO ads, NO merchandising, NO external links
  • Made with kids in mind!
  • It's Fun and it's FREE for everyone!
Step 1: Create or upload your artwork to each page.
Step 2: Record your voice and add text to each page.
Step 3: Email friends and family your finished book.
Downloads of the book are available in a pdf if you choose to print it, as well as an mp4.

Students were asked to digitally draw something they love about winter.  Then the adults typed a sentence that the child dictated about their drawing.  Later, one-on-one, students worked with me to record what they said.  

It required a bit of set-up before we went to the lab.  Mrs. Ferraro logged all the computers into her account, and created a blank page for each child.  Students sat down, found their page, and started drawing.  Adults were ready to type their idea and click "SAVE" when students finished.  All the pages look great!  

Enjoy our winter tale!