Saturday, November 21, 2015

Smash with Little Bird Tales

I have decided to document my technology activities this year.  At least when I remember!

I would like to share with you my students' tech project from our study of animals.  Here's how we made it:
1.  Students drew an animal on the ipad, using the app "Doodle Buddy".  We did this during my two lab times, 6-7 students at a time, using my ipads and some from the teacher next door.
2.  They copied sight words to make a sentence, "I see a ____.", and phonetically spelled their animal word. They could use a stylus for writing if they chose.
3.  I saved the drawing as a photo, and loaded it to my Google Drive.
4.  I downloaded the photos from Google to my desktop computer, and then uploaded them onto the site "". (some drawings cut off the top edge when uploaded - bummer, but I'll know for next time!)
5.  Students worked with me individually (during rest time or playtime) to record their voice on their page, using the built-in mic on a chromebook.
6.  Finally, I shared the e-book with parents.

Enjoy our little animal tale!!!  The students really had fun making this, and hearing themselves and classmates narrate our story.