Links to teachers sharing their iPad ideas
Kristi Meeuwse
Mrs. Davison's Kindergarten 
A very telling survey about iPad use with one vs. cart

Organizing Use:

  • Designate certain kids per numbered iPad for ease of finding their work/assessments
  • Make folders for theme or holiday apps (Christmas, ocean, etc)
  • Make folder for apps for WORDS, ABC, 123, and more.  Keep them in the dock if you want quick access
  • Make a screen of just math or just reading, and keep the games on the final screen so they have to see the other/better choices first and might choose those at play time.
  • During computer lab time, ½ class does computers, ½ class does ipads, then next day switch.

Teach kids how to save their product in the camera roll or how to email it to you (ipad must be signed in to an email - maybe yours!) Students just have to know the first 2-3 letters of your email and it auto-fills.  Add their name in the subject.

Project ideas: - begin to think of how what you do on paper might be done with an app then shared.

Use ChatterPix or Sock Puppets to retell a story -- they tell more than they write!

Use ChatterPix to read sight words or CVC words, have a friend take a photo of child holding the word list

Make a class book by importing all student drawings into a book app

Bookmark a site or your school homepage to your ipad homescreen

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