Saturday, November 12, 2016

We See Animals on iPads

I have decided to continue to document my technology activities this year.  At least when I remember!

I would like to share with you my students' tech project from our study of animals.  Here's how we made it:
1.  Students drew an animal on the ipad, using the app "Doodle Buddy".  Now that we each have an iPad, we all got to work at the same time!
2.  Students  copied sight words to make a sentence, "I see a ____.", and phonetically spelled their animal word. They could use a stylus for writing if they chose.
3.  I showed them all how to save the drawing as a photo, and then I loaded them all to my Google Drive.
4.  I downloaded the photos from Google to my desktop computer, and then uploaded them onto the site "". 
5.  Students worked with me individually (during rest time or playtime) to record their voice on their page, using the built-in mic on a chromebook.
6.  Finally, I shared the e-book with parents.

Enjoy our little animal tale!!!  The students really had fun making this, and hearing themselves and classmates narrate our story.

**Sorry, but this won't play on an iPhone due to needing a Flash Player**

I look forward to teaching the students how to send their images to me, instead of having to touch all 20 iPads to do so myself! Soon, soon!

App used:

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