Thursday, December 1, 2016

We are Thankful - Felt Board and SeeSaw

I'm thankful for Seesaw!  It's an online student learning journal where I plan to keep lots of work samples throughout the year.

Last week for Thanksgiving we did our first activity that incorporates the Seesaw journal.  Students used the app "Felt Board" and created a scene of things we are thankful for.  Most students included their family and four or more extra things like sunshine, pets, favorite foods, and a nice warm house.

After we saved the creation as a photo, we took time one-on-one to learn how to load it into Seesaw and chose the microphone icon to narrate the scene.  Students did a terrific job! I was able to email each child's creation to their parents.

Enjoy their little voices and their big ideas.  

I look forward to more uses of this awesome app to show growth and learning!  As part of the Seesaw Teachers online Facebook community, I am seeing lots of ideas and getting inspired daily. Check out the website for this app, as well.   

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